Trying to Be There

Things like “Beauty” and “Truth” are concepts so over-used, so easily and carelessly thrown around in society and government and families that I sometimes wonder how often anyone really stops to think about what those words mean. We may battle back and forth on talk shows or in Starbucks about what Truth is, where it comes from, or what things are truly Beautiful, but how many of us take enough time to stop and simply experience Truth or sense the Beauty all around us? In Nature. In Action. In Stillness. Continue reading Trying to Be There

The Memory of Trees

I began talking to trees when I was a young child. Not long after, they started talking back.

It started when I was in 5th or 6th grade. My dad was an evangelist, a traveling preacher. We (my mom, my sister, and me) traveled with him and lived in an RV together. He would preach at a different church each week, every night of the week, and the rest of us would sing and play music. During the day, my parents homeschooled us in all the usual subjects, but my dad also instructed me in the ways of the wild. Continue reading The Memory of Trees