Whatever You’re Expecting, Expect a Surprise

3 thoughts on “Whatever You’re Expecting, Expect a Surprise”

  1. Over at my blog, I have been examining many traditional viewpoints that Christians hold. A lot of them actually do not pass the test of Isaiah 8:20, some of them actually have Pagan roots and no foundation in the Bible [a point I have yet to write an article about], others that you have mentioned [such as the rapture] are actually fairly new on the scene and were not held by the reformers and the early Church.


  2. As far as a surprise goes, those who faithfully study their Bibles for themselves asking for guidance from God need not run into such. The problem is that too many people read their Bibles with goggles of their established church, or take what their pastor says over their Bibles, and no one stops to do thorough research for themselves. We have been given all the light we need from Genesis to Revelation, we need not be surprised and in darkness in regards to last day events.


  3. I agree that the Bible is worth studying, as long as I’m doing so from the context of Christian community. The church was established by Christ as a “we,” an “us.” I am grateful to be privileged enough to live in a part of the world where I can read my Bible openly, with liberty, and speak my mind and spirit about what it means to me, from my perspective. I have to bear in mind, however, that the Bible is a library of books and letters and other writings, composed by human beings. The Bible is first Israel’s response, then the church’s response to their relationship with God.

    The people in my faith community talk all the time about how the grace and mercy of God surprise them in their daily life. It’s my prayer that God would ambush you with his mercy and bombard your life with his grace.

    Thanks for your comment!


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